Luxemburg CityNighTour (12 km - approx. 2 hours)

luxemburgcitytourversietweeOn May 25th and 26th we go on a special CityNighTour.
Start is at 9pm in the city center and we cycle from the sunset into the night. We arrive at 23:00 at the start point.
This is a very special tour where we take you to the scenic views of the city by night.

This tour is of course also interesting for people living in Luxembourg who want to see their city on another angle than usual.

What makes this bike tour special? Besides taking you to the major sites, we show you the charming back streets in the atmosphere of the night. This is a very unusual but surprising way to experience Luxembourg City.

Take the Luxembourg CityNightTour with us and you will get an unforgetable moment!

Limited places. Registration absolutely necessary at least three days in advance.

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1. Luxembourg City Tour (14 km - approx. 2,5 hours)

luxemburgcitytourversietweeThis tour will take you to Luxembourg City’s most famous sites, such as the palace of the Grand Duke, the Chemin de la Corniche (often described as Europe’s most beautiful balcony) and more unknown places like the parc of the City.

In Luxembourg, the ancient and the contemporary go together well, as you will discover while we bike through Kirchberg, Luxembourg City’s business district. It boasts some of the most stunning contemporary architecture in Luxembourg. And of course, you won’t miss out on the picturesque old neighbourhoods like Grund and Clausen.

What makes our bike tour special? Besides taking you to the major sites, we show you the charming back streets and secret spots that you otherwise might not see. We will tell you the known and unknown stories. This is the best way to experience Luxembourg City like the locals do.

Take the Luxembourg City tour with us to experience the real Luxembourg City, and you will get the most of your stay here!


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2. Family City Tour (8 km. - approx. 2,5 hours)

familycitytourversietweeThe Family City Tour is designed for families with kids under the age of 13. During the tour, we’ll see the highlights of the regular City Tour at a relaxed pace. We’ll share fun stories about Luxembourg City, making it interactive for the kids.  To complete the experience, we’ll make a stop at Luxembourg’s best playground, where drinks and snacks will be available.

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4. Moselle WineTour - Schengen area (25 km - approx. 4 hours)

Wine Tour - in the vineyardsThe southern part of the Moselle Valley is all about rolling hills, charming wine villages, beautiful vineyards and breath-taking views.

On our WineTour to the Schengen area, we’ll cycle all the time in Luxembourg, on a flat course alongside the Moselle River and the more hilly back area of the Moselle river through its vineyards. While biking through the vineyards you will discover the work which the winegrower has to do. The tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit one of Luxembourg’s best wine estates. And of course, wine tasting is an essential part of this visit!

Please note that during the autums season the wineTour is only running on demand, reservations must be done at least 5 days in advance. The wineTours are not running in the winter months (November - March)

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